The Integrated Music, Spanish & Theatre Workshop consists of 21- 1 hour & 15 minute
sessions, where Duamuxa (Ricardo & Marci Valdivieso) will work with children ages 9 to 12 to build Spanish
knowledge through music, art and theatre.
Together we will do theatre exercises, rhythm exercises, sing tunes, prepare masks and costumes (t-shirt
design), painting props and work through dialogue to put together a musical play, which we will perform in
September 2010. All activities will be worked through in English and in Spanish to build knowledge of the
cultures, customs and language.
The Play: an adaptation of a Guatemalan legend written by Miguel Angel Asturias- The Legend of the
Volcano, is the story of creation of a little town. It is the story of a day in any given century that lasted many
Sample Workshop Organization per Session:
1.        Session One: Getting to Know Each Other- After doing some stretching and introducing ourselves,
workshop participants and interested parents  will receive a script in Spanish and in English and an
introduction to the story, what we’d like to achieve and get a sense of each individual’s preference.
2.        Session Two: Theatre exercises & acting games. Mask design and mask-making.
Sessions are held Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday at 10:45 AM to noon.
Fees plus materials  to be discussed (list will be available during the introduction)
Limited Scholarships are available.

The Little Children’s Bilingual Workshop: Children ages 3-6 will be introduced to the songs and
rhythms of Latin America using rounds and simple tunes to work through rhythm, melody and Spanish. Music
will include bilingual adaptations of traditional children’s music and original compositions from Ricardo &
Marci, as well as popular children songs from Latin America. Little Children’s days; Saturdays from 9 AM to 10
1.        Children will be introduced to singing, clapping, magic and catchy words in Spanish, little percussion
instruments, dancing and musical games. It is important that parents stay with their little ones until they feel
acclimated and get to know us.
2.        Fees to be discussed. Parents to provide small instruments (list will be available during the introduction)
Limited Scholarships are available.

The Children’s Choir, El Coro de Niños: The Children will learn songs from the Latin-American
songbook and North-American repertoire (English and Spanish)
a.        The children’s choir will have an introduction to the Latin American songbook
b.        There will be music and rhythm appreciation to the Latin American popular folk songs
c.        Introduction and practice of the music and rhythms of Latin America
d.        Introduction and practice of the Spanish language (sound of letters and words) and rhythm
e.        Introduction to singing in a choir
f.        Working with kids & their musicality; singing, rhythm, pitch, tuning etc…
g.        Forming the choir: In every session; individual and group learning and practicing of songs
h.        Singing in a choir: song rehearsal every session
i.        Performances will be possible after at least 12 sessions.
Sessions are held Saturdays at 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM, for ages 7 to 10 and 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM for ages 11- 14.
Fees to be discussed. Songsheets & translations will be provided.
Limited Scholarships are available.